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Dish Garden
Whether at the office or in their home, our garden dish, filled with an artful display of white-o..
Large Spathiphyllum Plant
This floor-sized plant with its shiny dark green leaves produces striking white lily-like flowers..
Lavender Phalaenopsis Orchid
A lovely lavender orchid is the perfect choice to send for any occasion. So send it, and you'll r..
Medium Spathiphyllum Plant
This easy-to-care for plant with its shiny dark green leaves and white flowers is the perfect com..
Serene Retreat
Go green. Bbring the peace of the outdoors into any room, office, hospital room or cubicle. ..
Spathiphyllum Table Size (Peace Lily)
This version with its shiny dark green leaves, also produces striking white lily-like flowers. Pe..
White Phalaenopsis Orchid
This lovely white orchid, also called the Moth Orchid, blooms up to two full months. Makes any oc..